It has been years since I was on a concert. Today I tried to buy some tickets as a upcoming christmast gift for one of my kids. As many events beginning with a certain size and above, Ticketmaster is handling the ticket sales.

The ticket buying experience is underwhelming. The website puts you in a queue (why?) and made me went 20 minutes before I could place in my wish. Then no ticket were found. Multiple times. Changing the ticket type more or less specific did not change anything. No ticket found.

Then a new message: “Your a blocked due to unusual activity from your browser. Try again in a minute.” Well, what? Fuck you.

I had to reload the whole website and start the queue all over again to finally see the available seats (less than 20) with a ticket price about three times the minimum price per seat.

Well, if you don’t want to sell your tickets to me, why don’t you say so? It looks like there are still enough people willing to buy tickets for any price to fill your place.

So let me just put something else here to pay you back for the hour of my life that I will not get back: The Last week tonight Ticketmaster episode on YT that looks a bit deeper into Ticketmaster.

Again: My life would have been better and the last hour certainly been nicer without Ticketmaster in my life.