Tesla Model X Battery

When the temperature dropt down to -20°C, our TMX started to act weird. The system reports low battery voltage on the battery and wanted me to schedule an hour in its beloved (and heated) service-center.

Since I know the car acts a bit wimsy from time to time, I ignored the message until warmer times. But it tstayed. To put a bit more pressure on me, software updates got paused until a stable 12V battery could be provided - so my car.

Today, at +8°C, I finally had time to address the issue. 7 minutes and 18 screws later I looked at the culprit: the 12V battery.

I removed its connection with the rest of the car and since I knew the car would just simply switch over to the main battery pack, I disconnected that one as well. Luckily the fire-brigades emergency power loop was right next to the 12V battery. Conveninent.

For two minutes I wondered my now dead car which did not want to open the doors anymore (how could it). Then I reconnected the main battery pack and the 12V battery. While putting all the screws back into the front in order to hide the so important electronic stuff, I could hear the car come back to life. Little gizmos and gadgets came back to life while I restored its face.

The doors would open again and the annoying error message was: GONE!

For safety measures I had measured the voltage on the 12V battery and it showed 14V - more than enough.

This little 15 minutes of work saved me about 2000 NOK, which the service center wanted to bill me for the new battery and work to put it in. I think I’ll do that myself when the time comes. Thank you.