The costs of streaming services

Today a news passed by me: Spotify is about to increase their prices. Again.

The last time was about 18 months ago in last summer. Reading the article there is also a separate subscription for an account and accounts with audiobooks (up to 15 hours a month). When I wanted to verify that on, I struggled to find the costs for the subscription. I could certainly start listening and could create an ad-sponsored account, but the prices for the subscription I wasn’t able to find on the start page. A net-search solved that issue though.

But back to the price-increase. If I had Spotify account, I would not be happy. The prices can be increased by Spotify at free will at any time and I would not be able to do anything about it. Nothing. I could cancel my subscription, but then I would had no music. Nothing.

Well, this is somehow what I would have agreed to when signing up with them. Access to music as long as I pay but nothing into my ownership.

I still remember the old days, when there were record-stores. You went there, bought you discs, took them home and that was it.

My main music catalog still contains music mainly from this sources and I still have access. No rising costs but the costs for storing and maintaining them myself.

Yes, I have to put in more effort to access new music, but I am not in the position where I do not own anything and my money is being pulled out of my pockets without me being able to do anything about it.

Spotify is more convenient, but far - yes. But somehow I feel this convenience comes with a hefty price-tag and somehow I never regretted buying music somehow.


  • 2024-04: Netflix increases its prices for all customers.