Sigdal kitchen drawers

Currently I own a kitchen from Sigdal. This kitchen has a particular property. Sometimes, when a drawer is really, really stuffed and filled with things, it can happen, that something inside the drawer shifts and prevents the drawer from opening.

I experienced this first in the bottom drawers, down at the floor. Some baking trays shifted and got stuck. This prevented the drawers from opening. After the third time i started investigating and figured that these drawers, which are located between the cabinet and the floor, have a supporting beam installed at the opening. Let’s say we have a total depth of about 80cm, than the beam at the front takes the first 10 centimeters to support the cabinet. Behind that, there is no beam (or board). This leaves a step on the bottom of the cabinet of about 2cm. And this is the step on which things get stuck.

I wonder: Am I the first one who experiences this or have many kitchens this problem? I fixes my two drawers by screwing an additional plate onto bottom of the cabinet and inside the drawer. This closed the gap and should prevent any further problems on that matter.

Now I discovered, that all other drawers which are located directly under the workbench (where most of the drawers in a kitchen are located), have the same configuration: A support beam/board inside the drawer. Again something got stuck inside and prevented it from opening. This time it was much harder to fix this, since the blocking item was not giving in at all.

This is my first kitchen from Sigdal. It took me about two years until the first time the drawer got blocked. Sigdal must have sold thousand of kitchens before I even got mine. I am struggling with coming up an explanation why this (in my eyes) flaw still has been deployed. And from the appearance in all drawers, I would say continuously as well.

I see a concerning lack of will to improve a product from Sigdals side in this matter. Actually, I am quite irritated over such a fundamental flaw. And it is not only Sigdal I see this unwillingness for feedback and improvement. But this is a different matter.

This and some other factors now made Sigdal for me a no-go.

I think I will go for HTH the next time again. Unfortunately I have not checked their setup of drawers and cabinets either (yet).

I am considering fixing this in the other drawers as well, just to make sure. But whenever I am going to get a new kitchen, this will certainly be a criteria to check for.