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The casio watch

The casio watch

Christmas 2017 has passed. Though my wish-list was quite short, roughly about zero, there were some gifts that hit the spot.

One especially. A Casio DB-360N-1AEF. This was triggered by my post in august, I guess.

Oh boy, what did I know. Casio is in the business of making watches for just about 40 years now. You still get the watches that have been launched in the 1980’s. Compared to the watches you can get nowadays, the functionality level is not impressive. Not at all. When trying to match current features, all products from the past fail.

But Casio has used the time to get their watches to a level, that peaks compared to current products.

The experience of a good manual and a well balanced user experience, is quite rare. This Casio watch has it.

Considering that we are talking about a wrist-watch, it excels in that area, while leaving GPS, Bluetooth and other functionalities behind:

  • The watch is about 58 gram and quite small.

  • The Battery time is about 10 years. Yes, 10 fucking years on one battery.

  • The manual covers all questions you might have, like “What happens when the timer reaches 23:59?”, “Which characters are available on the watch?”, “What happens if I press button x while it’s full moon?”

It is stuff like that, which makes me happy. There was so far no question that has not been answered by this two pages manual from Casio.

You can not use the watch right out of the box without reading the manual. Not at all. The menues and functions behind the six buttons are quite compressed. They make sense within their own logic and its logic is consistent. But if you are looking for a watch that is as simple to use as possible - do not go this way. Buy a child’s watch like one of apples or a toy-watch.

Looking behind the watch and trying to figure out why I am so happy with it, I think my wife - who gave me the watch - accidentally managed to do some things rights, which played in her favour:

Thank you.