FPV upgrade

A while ago I got into FPV. During this adventure, I bought some nice stuff and come not so nice stuff.

The VISUO XS809HW is part of the not so nice stuff.

It is a decent drone with about ten minutes of flight time. It also does everything as announced. But not a single step more. In addition, this was the first drone i got with WiFi-based FPV and boy: there is a lag. I basically cannot fly this drone out of sight and just by looking at the screen. It hits the wall before I can even react to what is shown on the screen.

So this drone was more for fun-flying-when-bored. It is not the most agile one either. But it is small, easy to carry and easy to handle.

Until now.

I had this Eachine TX01 lying around for quite some time. Considering my almost non-existing soldering skills it was kind of a stretch to get these two together. But it has been done.

I have soldered the FPV transmitter onto the VISUO drone, drilled a small hole into the chassis and now there is real FPV. This drone can now be flown in-house without crashing with anything.

The soldered camera

You see the additional cable attached to the battery connector.

One thing though: I should have attached it to the actual switch, not the battery. The camera is on now as soon as I put in the battery, no matter the state of the drone.

Still some testing to do regarding the battery life-time, the range and how stable it is.