Reading books

I have a small pile of books that I do not read. The pile probably is bigger than I realize, because not all books are on it.

But somehow I do not seem to manage to be able to either focus long enough or have enough time to be able to read a book. Usually I get quite far, but after a while it slows down to almost a complete halt. No idea why.

If I would have a task-tracker, the book would probably phase out into oblivion only to be found years later.

I see a general tendency in myself to start tasks, but sometimes struggle to finish them, because when I am already going the only thing I have to do is to continue. And that is dead simple, isn’t it? So simple indeed, that I don’t have to spend any more effort in it.. which brings all progress to a shrieking halt then.

The only solution I see is to try to continue and continue and continue…