I got a mail today from Nissan. Regarding my Car. They informed me that the App controlling my car will be shutdown/stop working one month from now.

No replacement, no solution.

Even better: It’s it because of the shutdown of the 2G network. This only makes sense if not the App, but the Car is using the 2G network. A network which was superseeded by 3g already for 5 years in 2013, when the car was made. Ten years after the 3G standard was defined.

I was considering a Nissan Leaf car a reliable car and it is. Beside the connectivity part, that sucked from day one.That bad that I even used a Non-nissan app preferably when it was possible.

So, some service goes down and parts of my car stop working. Cool.

I could re-consider for Nissan, but the best part is this line from the email:

> Despite the shutdown we can assure you that Nissan will continue to invest in advanced technologies and platforms for upcoming products.

You are lying, right there.

Thanks for nothing, Nissan.