House documentation

If you own a house, some kind of documentation is neat. Just to know which color you used on which wall, when stuff is running out of warranty or what the costs are. These are questions that come up regularly.

We have some kind of central documentation that follows the house. You gain access to it when you own a house and contractors upload their documents there, so you have access to them.

What bothers me a bit is that all the documentation you place there is

  1. On somebody elses computer

  2. You loose all access when you sell the house.

  3. If the service should be down, you don’t have access.

  4. Documentation following you is only available via a subscription. Loose the subscription, loose access as well.

  5. There’s is currently no button to download everything.

The list goes on and on, as longer as I think about it.

<>_ seems to address this issue by allowing to set this up on your own premise and keep control of all documents as well. Sure, nobody but yourself can upload documenter, but that does not happen so often anyway.

Unfortunately it looks still kind of buggy. At least I have some problems here and there with the interface. The pre-built docker image was not even running and I had to built it myself. But rather complaining I shut put some work in and make it better.

This solution is in competition with a simple Git repository to store all the data. The upside is ofc. that I can access it from everywhere and find information of all kinds quickly and can connect information easy.

But it requires the application to be available. At least any document attachments are stored - although under a different name - still with the same file format.

I’ll see how far I get with this solution. The “official” one starts developing more and more the subscription model, which puts you literally not in charge of anything and you don’t own anything either. That cannot be the solution.