Fairphone 3 - eol

It seems that my Fairphone 3 has reached his end of life. Yesterday morning it stopped reacting to any input. Any input. No battery or power could get any reaction from it. I switched over to my previous phone and set up the data synchronization. No data loss there.

The only thing I do not get to recover (if access is lost) are the podcasts and movies on the phone. Basically all entertainment related data.

This makes me wonder: is this something I should really spend much effort and time in going on? I mean: What is it I actually got out of spending to many hours in the podcasts and movies that I could watch on the train or listen to whenever I felt the need?

Might be a book a better use of my time?

At least I am getting som satisfaction out of the fact that I refused to connect all kinds of services and apps to my phone. They all would now have been lost.