Windows pain

This is my frustration outlet. Whenever I’m bothered to use MS Windows and it behaves as usual, this logg shall be witness of my struggles.

Moving the RDP window from one screen to another still minimizes it to the smallest possible size during transition. Changing that size is not being remembered.


I am being greeted with a black screen and a mouse pointer on one screen. No login-mask or anything. When trying to reboot, the machine fell asleep, came up again and I could login. Thankfully all windows had been re-arranged, so I could do what I can do best: restore everything to default.


An unscheduled reboot. Thanks. I’m used to reboots on tuesday now, but on a friday, that’s a new one.


Uhm, I’ve just lost network connection, I think. That’s why your Putty is gone. I’ve also took the freedom to rearrange the windows, resize them a bit, disable the USB keyboard and the external monitor. You’re welcome.


New record: 54 seconds from login to being able to see the Desktop. Might have been connected to that the system looks live having restarted during the weekend without me being present or able to save any possible open work. Luckily our trust-relationship is non-existing, so I’m basically only accessing a remote system which is more reliable.

At least 50% of the applications being open before came up automatically. That’s a start.


Good morning. You’re gonna be logged off in about 30 min. You’ve got no saying in this…. sigh


Good morning. You need to restart within the next couple of hours. You’ve got no saying in this…


Good morning. USB? Never heard of it. Please reconnect you docking station.


Good morning. USB? What’s that? Please reconnect your docking station. Btw: 59Hertz is a much better frequency for you screen than the common 60. Oh - and we re-arranged all your windows. Neat, right?


After the long summer vacation, windows is back to its usual shenigang: Resolution on main screen lowered after login, Monitor shivering until USB-C connection had been reset. Also: All windows moved to the main screen.


Being met with a message that you are being logged off within the next ten minutes and the system needs to restart is not the best start of the day. I fail to understand how this enforcement is acceptable for any system towards their users.


Windows did remember USB today, but still had moved all windows.


Multiple times today windows forgot about the connected screens via the docking station, resized the windows and moved them.


Same issue with the audio device. Just nice. Also: Connection to VPN just died mid-work, had to restart to make it work again.


The audio device that worked nicely the last weeks today suddenly wasn’t selected automatically when starting the Skype call.


Same, same: While all screens came up, all windows have been moved to the main screen and resized to something about 480x? in dimensions. Thanks. Also: Fuck your workflow. You need to restart in about four hours if you want or not. I’ve chosen to restart while a CI/CD pipeline was running for 13min.


The screens are staying in standby, until I reconnect the USB-C cable to the docking station. When disconnecting it, the headphone confirms it lost connection - USB must have worked. After re-connecting it, the screens come up. With all windows moved around and resized.


Windows, the Operating system where you have to wait 20 seconds after you enter you password at a “Welcome”-Screen and then get the information that you are being forced to restart in about two hours - no matter if you want or not. Neither can you hide that message. And because it’s fun, all the security stuff has to be installed after the reboot without letting you continue to work. Wow.


Another unscheduled restart. At least from my side. Windows itself knew about it the last eight hours but started the countdown during night when nobody was working.


I’ve replaced one monitor. Now windows worked twice as expected regarding the screen setup. On the other hand it just lost connectivity during the day and had to be restarted in order for me to be able to continue to work. After that single key-strokes were repeated up to 50 times. Quite funny.


External screens got forgotten. VPN client comes up after something that felt like five minutes.


“Windows, would you please open the VPN client?” (5 times asking) - Windows: “Nah..”

And thank you for randomly moving two icons on my desktop to the rights side of the screen. I’ve put them there because you occasionally refuse to show the application in your “start-menu”, no you start fucking with those icons as well?

Oh - and thanks for just omitting the network access during working hours and only a restart could fix that and let me continue my work.


No screens, all windows resized in size by half. At least we’re back to consistency.


Again, no screens in the morning.


Windows again forgot about external screens and as a nice feature reduced the window size of all windows by halv.


All windows are on the main screen this morning and all windows have been halfed in size.


Same thing. Forced restart. Just one day after the last time. After the reboot the Jabra audio headphone did not work until I removed and re-connected the USB audio link.


Windows suddenly declares it has to restart within the next four hours to finish some upgrade tasks. No consideration of the user working or busy with anything. No way of cancelling the issue using the GUI either.


All windows were moved to the primary screen this morning. Thanks.


Though it was very quite the last days and Windows almost acted like a normal OS, it got a bit stressed out today. Suddenly all screens went dark and came back after 20 seconds. In between Outlook had disappeared without a hint and not been restarted or anything. It just was gone.


While the day started OK and windows managed to remember the screens attached, this changed after a couple of hours into the working day. It seems to like variations: This time the second screen was still available, but rotate 90 degrees and put on the opposite side of the virtual desktop. That was something new.


Same, same. Still the issue with the screens getting lost after a day.


We’re savely back on known ground: No external screens until USB-C got replugged into the PC. At least the VPN-re-connect worked. Later today, windows decided that the screen that worked all day was barely supporting 480px in width.

This morning, the screens were working, but I got no connection. Neither via VPN or usual ethernet. Shocking, I know. After a reboot, thinks startet working again, though I could not get the status window for the VPN to show up after connecting.

Luckily Windows returned to the common way of misbehaving by about noon and just refused to enable the screens after switching on the VKVM to another machine. As a bonus, the windows were switching the screens to the opposite one.


Windows decided again to ignore external screens and not to enable then until I re-connected the USB-c cable and open the laptop. Additionally it was so kind to shrink all windows in width but not in height when re-positioning them for me.


Windows decided that the external attached screens are not worthy anymore and when waking up this morning they didn’t get enabled. Had to re-connect the USB-C cable, find and open the laptop, extend the screens again and close the lid. Naturally all windows had changed position as well and needed re-arrangement.


Windows decided to change the screen settings to a much lower resolution on its own. When switching back to the setting that is labeled as _recommended_ the screen is flickering and not even close to be sharp.