It was time to clean up some stuff.

These harddisks followed me around for a couple of years now. I couldn’t just throw them away. Why? There could have been some valuable information on the them. Or some secrets. Or both.

They were still good ol’ IDE hard drives. But with the time IDE has, well - become obsolete I’d say. I needed to get an USB/IDE adapter in order to be able to access them.

To my surprise one of the three disks was still working. The oldest one with 320GB from 2001 was still responsive and could be mounted.Nothing but old data, waiting to be shredded.

../_images/20211002-hdd-0001.jpg ../_images/20211002-hdd-0002.jpg ../_images/20211002-hdd-0004.jpg ../_images/20211002-hdd-0003.jpg