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Maintenance Logg old house

This was originally only intended to logg all the changes and fixing made to the old house. But over time it got extended to also include all other aspects connected to the house.


Another spontaneous showing. This never stops. This time with a heads up of five hours. It’s amazing what you can do with that little time.


Some people came and asked for a second showing. They got it.


Another showing o/


A new private showing. They wanted to wait until the following tuesday and at the end, jumped of for another house.


We’re back on the showing. This time only one person showed up. And he did not have anything better to do on a Sunday.


Double showing. Private ones. The first one took some time and looked promising, the second one was done in under ten minutes. Guess what that means?

Another one. This time a public one. Not many that showed up. More results on Monday.


And another one..


And another one..


A new viewing.


Another viewing.


The first public viewing.


Used some spare time to paint the stairs downstairs.

Also took out the network-rack downstairs and will deliver it to the new house.

A new showing has been announced coming Friday. Time to get things in order again.


Painted the door frame from the kitchen to the living room.


The showing has been complete. Now the next phase will (hopefully start). After a long day of making the final adjustments - finally finished.


More man power coming in to polish the whole house.


Stairs: Since the floor and the walls have been painted, the baseboards started to look ugly. Applied a quick fix.


Stairs: Painted the floor on the second floor. Eight hours of drying time where I forgot to stash away clothing that was suitable for anything other than painting stuff.


The photographer has been in. Not outside pictures due to the heavy snow. This will be done either way on Thursday or Friday then. Now it’s about to keep the house clean until the showing.


We basically are preparing the house for the photographer tomorrow. Stuff have been hidden away, cleaned up, organized.


This was an effective day:

Outside: Remove almost all snow available outside. That was exhausting.

Loft: Lifted more boxes and stuff upstairs.

Basement: Finished the cupboards and the main-room

Dressing room: Removed all non-supposed-to-be-there stuff.

Sleeping room: Cleaned the room

Kids room: Removed most toys and styled the room.

Kitchen: Cleaned and styled

Living room: Cleaned and styled, added plants.


Stairs: Painted the stairs. That went suprisingly well. Some parts of the frame in the living room as well.

Basement: Trown the garbage of from the basement away.


Basement: Main attack on the basement. Things cleaned out, sorted through three boxes of cables and other garbage.


Bath: Painted another wall in the bath.


Basement: Painted some holes in the wall. That was necessary. And cleaned up some stuff down there.

Stairs: Prepared the floor upstairs so it can be painted in the next step.


Loft: Put a whole bunch of stuff up there.


Basement: We picked up more boxes from the store for storage and have thrown away some smaller boxes which will be of no need to us.


Entrance: Painted the second wall and lists. Just to make it look OK.

Basement: Started lifing stuff to the second floor in order to use the storage under the roof.

Stairs: Painted the hand-walk on the second floor and prepared painting of the floor as well.


Entrance: Prepared the painting of the wall, started painting the lists and a wall-frame.


Entrance: Painted the door frame and the wooden lists in the entrance area.


Kitchen: Changed a light bulb.

Bath: Changed a light bulb.

This was not the most effective day.


Outside: We have gotten some extra manpower to get rid of the ice and snow in front of the house.

Living room: In preparation for the upcoming paint job we taped a lot more walls and floors.

Kitchen: The last missing panel was put in place again.


Entrance: The painting yesterday was sucesfull. Now the lists and door frames are left.

Kitchen: The work bench looks now much smoother and nicer after it has been smoothened and a lot of stencils are gone as well.


Kitchen: The last thing that was missing in the kitchen were the window-frame. That has been now painted in a nice white, halv-shiny (#1). The last door also got painted on one side (#2) and left to dry over night with.

Entrance: Started painting the door (4) and the walls (4) once. That made it look much nicer already.


Kitchen: We figured the walls could also need a paint-job. Done.

Kids room: On the wall are some chalk-board-squares. The got painted over today with white. The alternative of either leaving them there or having a huge white one did not seem to be very tempting.

Bath: Since the first attempt on the wall with the mirror went quite well, another wall was done today. There was also some patching on the back wall, but this did not seem to be very successful. I will need to be done again.

Living Room The one colored wall got a paint job (3) with a slightly darker tone. There were some paint left in the basement, that almost fit the existing paint and had enough paint for the wall.


Kitchen: All doors except one have been put back in place. So one to go now. It looks better than before.


Kids room: The whole kids room has been painted white again. Moving all the furniture around seems to be an issue. After about three years there are a lot of toys to take care of. But all went fine at the end.

Bath : Another go for the makeup part in the bath. The initial fixing was not that successful. This time a more whole-hearted approach was chosen and one complete wall has been remade. That looked much better. Another wall has also been remade.

Outside: Remove the last snow from the terrace. While it started to snow again. That just took 90 min. to finish.


Outside: Started removing the snow from the terrace. Just managed half of it in about an hour. That’s actually hard work.


Kitchen: The local hardware-store has a scanner for paint. That’s nice. We took one door from the kitchen-cupboard there and came back with some paint and started repainting separated doors.


Bath: The bath requires a bit of make-up as well. The previous owner used some “fancy” colors to upgrade the atmosphere. This could have made my life very, very hard because it would have been impossible to figure out what color had been used. Lucky for me the previous owner also is running a “style”-blog and the corresponding post contains all I needed. The paint was from Pure & Original and is called Earth Stone. Now it’s documented here as well.

Of course I only needed a couple of drops and the minimum size was 1 liter. Of course

The first experiments did not turn out very successful. Out of the can the paint is very dark. When dry, it lightens. So I used is with water and that gave this weird tear-effect. Something not desired. I will do it again.


** Sleeping room**: So, the walls in the sleeping-room are now painted as well. Just used the Sunday to do this. That looks quite OK and the paint did not smell during the whole night.

Unfortunately I found in the basement a couple of old paint-boxes. I could have used those instead of buying new ones. Damn.

Dressing room: I have started painting rooms. It was about time.

In a couple of weeks or days some photographer might show up and wants to take pictures of the house. Then it should look as good as possible.

It is amazing what a bit of colour actually can do. And painting is not that hard unless you want it perfect. Then you should hire a painter, I guess. But it will be sufficient for the next owner, I hope.

So far the small dressing room is done (except the floor). So I will continue today to the next room.


The paint referenced in the table above.





Jotun Lady, Supreme Finish, Halvblank, Tre & Panel, Hvit base



kjøkkendør skap



Jotun Optimal Standard, Sink

9907 / 4100-N


Gjøco, vegg 10, interiør, Base hvit