Robert Cecil Martin/The future of programming

Today I finished watching the talk from Robert Cecil Martin (Uncle Bob) on the CodeNode conference in 2016. I just recently discovered this talk and though I do not consider myself a coder and just hack together some scripts every now and then as I need them, I went through the full 80 Minutes of the talk.

The talk itself is partly about where coding/programming is coming from and - more interesting - where it is going to. Or at least might be.

Though it is entertaining on one side, it (or should I say “he”?) is throwing some thoughts and concerns at you. The last part, that programmers, if they do not define themselves and define their limits and ethical borders, will be regulated by others, does not really concern me. Since it’s not my self understanding of being a programmer, this is secondary.

But the point being made about the quality of the programming languages, the tools and the complete stagnation of the evolution of software, that hit a nerve. It will certainly make me think and motivate me to look even closer at the stuff I do, why I do it and how I do it.