I am working on trying to figure out the optimal pizza recipe. So this reflects the current status of the ongoing investigation. Small modifications might occur…

Tomato sauce


  • Tomatoes, chopped, one package

  • Onions, half of it, chopped into small pieces

  • Garlic, one toe, chopped into small pieces

  • Oil or butter for frying


  1. Fry the onions first in a pan or pot with the biggest surface possible. The onions are good when turning brown.

  2. Add the garlic after. Garlic does not need much time to fry.

  3. Add tomatoes afterwards. Clean out the box with some additional water.

  4. Add some salt and pepper for taste.

  5. Cook everything to reduce the amount of water in the tomatoes until the sauce has a good consistency.

Pizza doug


  • Flour, 350gr. Standard is fine, tipo-00 (pizza flour) is possible as well.

  • Salt, 1 ts

  • Water, 200ml, 38dg.

  • Yeast, half a cube


  1. Mix water and the yeast, make sure all yeast gets dissolved.

  2. Mix the flour with the water-yeast mix.

  3. Knead all the water into the flour.

  4. Continue kneading for at least ten minutes the dough firmly. Add the salt during this step while kneading.

  5. Split the dough in two equal sized parts.

  6. Put the two parts in a box with a leveled floor. They can touch each other, but should not be on top of each other. Cover the box with transparent plastic foil.

  7. To let the dough rise, you have got two choices now.

    1. Store the dough for 45 minutes at room temperature.

    2. Store the dough in the fridge for at least 12 hours. This will take longer, but increase the taste and structure of the dough. Before continuing to work with the dough, leave it resting for 30 minutes at room temperature.

  8. Separate the dough into two pieces, let them rest for 10 minutes. Do not let it rest longer than that or it will dry out.

  9. Form the pizza crust according your preferences.

  10. Add the pizza sauce.

Balsamic oil


  • Balsamic, as much as you need

  • Garlic, one toe

  • Oil. as little as possible


  1. Mix balsamic with garlic

  2. Use a hand blender to mix the balsamic and garlic. Use oil to support the blender until it can get a hold of the balsamic and garlic.

In order to store the oil for a longer period of time, make sure all balsamic is covered in oil and no oxygen reaches it. It is very likely to rott otherwise.

Pizza toppings

Some words about the toppings.

  • Cheese and Mozarella comes right on the sauce. Don’t use too much, or the pizza will the to moist.

  • Other stuff like

    • Champignons

    • Mais

    • Chorizzo

    • Salami

    can be added on top.

  • Bacon gets on top at last. Used unsalted bacon.

Pizza baking

Some words about baking the pizza.

  • Heat the oven to the maximum temperature. This is usually about 300 to 350dg celsius. If the oven has air circulation, use that one.

  • Put the pizza crust on baking paper.

  • Put the baking paper with the pizza crust on a baking tray and put that one on the bottom of the oven. The tray should be warmed up in the oven from the heating before, not cold.

  • The pizza will be ready in about five minutes, so watch it.

Pizza finishing

For the finishing touch you can either use the balsamic oil mentioned above or add some ruccola salad if it fits.