Fairphone replacements

After three years I am still using my phone, a Fairphone. During that time I had to reorder some spare parts, like a replacement battery, a new case in 2016 and a replacement screen last year in 2017 (which I broke my self when dropping it on the floor).


Lately, I got two problems on my hand:

  1. The battery acts strangely when restarting the phone at <30% charging. It simply drains the battery until it is depleted.

  2. The rubber case I bought recently in 2016, starts to fall apart. Gluing did not help very much either. IIRC this was already the reason for buying the new case the last time.

Luckily, there are spare parts available.


After testing other possibilities to address the battery issue, I finally convinced myself to order a new one (now realising it is already two years old) and also a new case. I were not able to find the one I already had, so I went for a blue one this time.

The delivery time was an astonishing three days and straight to the door.

The new change might actually be an improvement on the case: It is now parted in two and has an upper and a lower part which you clip around the phone. This might be stronger and longer lasting than the previous rubber case which failed me twice.

The new case feels different, more robust than the previous one. Different. I am surprised how much just the case affects how you perceive your phone.