Waiting time

I realized something. Currently we are waiting for the building of our new house to complete. This will take easily another six to nine months I assume.

Though I really would like to move in rather today than tomorrow, the experience of the waiting time is rather positive.

Then I remembered hearing about a study done in 2009 Vacationers Happier, but Most not Happier After a Holiday, where the expectation of a vacation already lead to a higher happiness compared to not having a vacation in sight.

Compared to the current situation this would mean, that by being about six to nine months before the moving date and knowing about it, this situation already increases happiness. And by knowing about this that long in advance, the effect will last even longer.

There is of course the desire to already have moved in, but I am unsure about if this would be actually better than knowing about this event in the future.

And there is obviously the chance of having a negative outcome and an unpleasant experience as well. This we will only know later one.

Since the study came out, there has been done more science about this topic. This touches the questions